Interactive Geometry Modeler and Multi-Block Structured Grid Generator


Aerothermodynamics IXV  Re-entry  vehicle

CLIENT: Thales Alenia Space

SUBJECT:External Aerothermodynamics, Re-entry vehicles

  • Compressible suitable grid generation

  • CFD RANSE @ sub-trans-supersonic regime

  • Aero Forces evaluation

  • Heat coefficients evaluation

  • Flow field visualization

  • Adaptive grid refinement

Drag polar for LH-10 Ellipse evaluation

CLIENT: LH Aviation

SUBJECT: Performances and polar for different wing configurations

  • Grid generation for winglet/flapped wing configurations

  • Drag polar plot

  • Aerodynamics merit figure definition

  • Cruise and landing configuration simulation

  • Oilflow visualizations

  • Stall AoA evaluation

Aerodynamic design of SiS wing

CLIENT: Shipinspace ltd

SUBJECT: Aerosurfaces definition for SiS

  • Wingplanform and wingsection definiton within Vortex Lattice Method

  • Subsonic drag polar evaluation

  • Aerodynamic function of merit definition

  • Landing and Cruise simulations

  • Oilflow visualizations

  • Stall AoA evalutation