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Mechanical Design

Private Mansonry Services

Numitalia offers Services dedicated to Private Citizens linked to the Home.
Being aware that the primary good of the Dwelling must be protected, we put at the service of the Citizen, our competences for the solution of bureaucratic problems and not related to the domestic sphere.

Specifically, Numitalia assists the Owner and the Condominiums for:

  • Drafting of Conformity Acts of the house, necessary in the Rogito office

  • Editing of A.P.E. and V.I.M.E. and their registration at the Cadastre

  • SCIA editorial staff for restructuring interventions

  • Drafting practices for obtaining tax deductions

  • Project for photovoltaic and solar thermal systems and registration with the GSE for incentives

  • Editing of the Millesimal tables, of ownership, scale, heating

  • Design and installation of cages for internal and external lifts

Further for the Restructuring we offer:

  • Structural evaluation of internal modifications

  • Design of modifications and sanitation systems

  • Interior Design with rendering of the modified state

  • Estimate of Costs for Restructuring Estimates and Drafting of Specifications

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