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Research & Development

Numitalia is attentive to the world of research alongside the University in the formation of new generations of engineers.
Specifically, Agreements are activated with the following Faculties of Engineering:

  •     University of Pisa, Department of Aerospace Engineering

  •     University of Florence, "S. Stecco" Enegetic Department

  •     Polytechnic of Turin, Aerospace Engineering Department

  •     SUPSI, Manno Switzerland

In the framework of these Academic Conventions, we are advancing and favoring, Bachelor's and Master's Degree Theses.

The topics dealt with, in agreement with the University Speakers, are intrinsically linked to the use of Tools for CFD and to Mechanical Design activities, as well as to the Development of New Machines and Components in which Numitalia is involved.

We are therefore looking for Motivated Graduates to develop their own thesis path, a Vocational Training course. If you are interested please contact us at

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