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ShipInSPACE, the company that will revolutionarize space tourism

Using innovation and radical design, SHIPinSPACE, is an English company operating in the space tourism company sector.

Phase A of the project includes the aircraft qualification program capable of transporting its 44 passengers and 4 crew members at an altitude of 200km


The vehicle is based on the structural decoupling able to guarantee

  • high passenger load capacity

  • reuse of components

  • regular weekly space travel launches

  • a high safety factor

  • diversification of missions for future space exploration companies

The SHIPinSPACE project will be completed within five years.

The kick off in September 2013 will conclude the project with the first launch in the second half of 2018.

The cost of the entire print will be 200 million pounds entirely financed by companies and the individual investors strongly foresighted in considering Space Tourism an investment opportunity for the near future.

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