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CFD Consultancy

Numitalia, thanks to 15 years of expertise in CFD applications, has the most advanced fluid dynamics calculation technologies optimized for:


  • External aerodynamics of the vehicle or its components

  • HVAC analysis (ventilation and air conditioning)

  • Analysis of the efficiency of the intake ducts

  • Passenger comfort

  • Condensate lights

  • Acoustical Analsis-Vibro-Acoustic


  • External aerodynamics of wing profiles or the entire aircraft

  • Calculation of Polars, Aerodynamic Derivatives

  • Analysis of turboprops and turbojets

  • Panel Method or VortexLattice Method configuration design


  • Analysis of heat generators, burners, combustors, ovens

  • Analysis of polluting emissions

  • Analysis for energy production plants


  •  Smoke dispersion in the atmosphere

  •  Pollutant dynamics [solid / gaseous]

Building construction / Civil

  • Air conditioning and space heating

  • Aerodynamic forces acting on buildings and structures

  • Fire Simulation


  • Efficiency of the cooling system of engines and electrical components

  • Conjugated calculation of convective heat exchanges and / or radiation


  • Calculation of Work Curves for Turbines, Compressors, Fan Pumps

  • Aeraulic, hydrodynamic, unsteady stationary dynamic gas study

  • Study for single / multi-stage machines

  • Study for compressible or incompressible flow machines

  • Efficiency of refrigerating machines

Naval and Marine

  • Power curves

  • External aerodynamics

  • Exhaust plume analysis

  • Passenger comfort

  • Propulsion systems

  • Sea keeping, maneuvering

  • Motions up to 6 degrees of freedom

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