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Mechanical Design

Numitalia operates in the Mechanical Design sector of:

  •     Aeronautical / Space Structures

  •     Transport vehicles for civil / military use, on land, in the air, in the marine sector

  •     Lifting machines subject to the Machinery Directive

  •     Automatic machines

  •     Structures and Tensile Structures [Metallic]

The Turnkey Design Service is expressed in:

  •     Definition of Technical Specifications on Customer Requirements and Technical Feasibility Study

  •     Conceptual Design

  •     Detail Design of the Machines and their Components

  •     Possible detailed project of Construction Equipment

  •     Executive Project and Cabling or Plumbing integration

  •     Structural Calculation and FEM Calculation of Components / Structures

  •     Fatigue Life Analysis [Damage Tolerant]

  •     3D and 2D CAD modeling and table setting

  •     Machining Preparation Services for Metal Removal, Foundry

  •     Issuance of construction and assembly tables for mechanical workshops

  •     Technical assistance in the workshop during construction

Numitalia operates using trained engineers in the best Italian universities, as well as forged in cooperation with the most advanced Italian mechanical industries.

The methods adopted by Numitalia follow ISO9001 Quality standards

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