Heat exchange coefficient evaluation for Steam Turbine component

CLIENT: Franco Tosi Meccanica

SUBJECT: CHT Solid/fluid simuation on a bypass for Steam Turbine

  • Grid generation for solid/fluid part

  • Boundary and interface condition preparation

  • CHT CFD simulation

  • Temperature fiel visualization

  • Evaluation of heat exchange coefficients

  • Leakages evaluations

Aeraulics performances of Industrial fan

CLIENT: Undisclosed

SUBJECT: Efficiency curve evaluation for axial fan

  • Structured grid generation

  • Boundary conditions definition

  • Power requirement evaluation

  • Plot of Power to massflow curve

  • Flow field visualization

  • Aero leakages evaluation

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Paper blueprint to 3D model conversion for Francis Turbine

CLIENT: Undisclosed

SUBJECT: From paper blueprints to 3D model, Francis Turbine

  • Conversion from paper drawings to parametric model in AutoBlade

  • Comparison Check

  • 3D CAD model of the whole impeller

After manufacturing Client reported a very satisfactory matching of the desired performances of the two turbines.

LP 11/2 Stage performaces of TurboGas

CLIENT: Undisclosed

SUBJECT: Performance evaluation of LP 1 1/2 Turbogas Stage

  • Advanced structured grid generation in AutoGrid

  • Boundary condiction for cooling holes and injections

  • Reproduction of BC from Exp. Data

  • Python Macro for advanced postprocessing

  • Validation with Experimental data

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